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Our Cookie Policy

Our team at SJM Translations uses protective measures to ensure the safety, reliability, and privacy of individual data in agreement with the European GDPR (EU) 2016/679.


This Cookie Policy was last updated on 4th June, 2020.

SJM Translations’ guidelines explain its cookie policy usage as in (“Company, “we’”, “us”, and “our”) about modern technologies to identify the person who browses our websites at https://www.sjmtranslations.com/ (“Websites”). Cookies clarify why we allow the usage of technologies in our policy and your exclusive rights to manage the use of them. Our team may use cookies to gather individual data in several instances, which becomes personal data linked to additional data.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny pieces of information that websites mail to an individual computer or mobile phone for verification purposes. This information is stored as a file on your computer. Websites owners use cookies mainly to ensure their websites work proficiently and to follow website activity. Website owners require cookies to function on technologies such as the one provided by the website owners of SJM Translations are called “first party cookies”. Cookies initiated through another source rather than the website owners’ is called “third party cookies”. These kinds of cookies allow third-party features to show up on the website (for example, promoting advertisement, content networking, and analytics). The third-party cookies source identifies individual computers mutually as a visitor to the particular website at the same time when you visit specific websites.

Why do we use cookies?

Our use of first and third-party cookies is for several different purposes. Several cookies are needed to allow the website to function smoothly; these are referred to as “fundamental” or “extremely compulsory” cookies. Additional cookies allow us to monitor and follow our users’ needs to improve their experience with our online assets. Using a third party allows secondary cookies to access our websites for advertising, analytics, and other reasons.

A detailed explanation is provided below.

The exact types of cookies provided by first and third-party cookies that pass through our websites and the functions they carry out are explained below (important note, remember that the exact cookies provided may differ, depending on the specific Online domain).

How can you control cookies?

Cookie policy is not imposed on the user, and you can exercise your privacy right to accept or reject cookies by selecting your choices in the Cookies Consent Manager. This area permits the user to select the types of cookies he wants to accept or reject. The cookies needed to make the website function effectively to serve you, cannot be rejected. The notification banner or our website usually displays the Cookies Manager. Th rejection of cookies does not exclude you from using our website. Nevertheless, you will be restricted from performing some operations and navigating our website’s domains. You can adjust the web browser controls to accept or reject cookies, depending on your preferences. It means cookies can be rejected by the web browser controls, which differs according to the browser used. Users can find detailed information on the use of cookies in the browser menu.

Advertising cookies

These are specific types of cookies used to advertise services that are more important to you. The data collected here is sometimes passed to advertisers or used to recognize your needs. For instance, Advertising Cookies are applied to exchange information with advertisers to ensure the ads permitted on your browser are more important to you. This information can be shared on specific platforms during social networking or create room for feedback on our website by users. 

Important reminder: disabling cookies does not stop ads from showing on your browser, but the ones showing will not meet your needs.


How often will you update this Cookie Policy?

Our Cookie Policy is updated within a given timeframe to review our activity, for instance, adjusting the cookie policy to cover other areas like operational, legal, or regulatory purposes. 

Important note: Endeavor to browse our Cookie Policy to keep you updated concerning our use of cookies and similar technological devices. The last update is always shown by the Cookie Policy time indicator displayed at the top.

Do you serve targeted advertising?

Cookies supplied by a third party on an individual computer or mobile phone provide advertising pass through our web domain. Most times, the organizations use data retrieved from individual visits to our site and other websites to provide you with the specific adverts you need to accommodate your desires. The use of modern technology is not ruled out to assess advertisements’ impact through cookies. Aside from that, the use of cookies and web beacon is another tool that helps gather data concerning individual use of our site and other sites that will enable you to see only important advertisements promoting products and services of prospective interests to you. The data retrieved through this means cannot allow anyone to recognize the individual name, contact information, or other information that can easily recognize you unless you choose to give out the information.

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Should you have any concerns about the use of cookies and technological devices, kindly send us an e-mail at info@sjmtranslations.com

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