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We’re truly a team of like-minded individuals who all work collaboratively and hand in hand towards a common goal.
For us, this is a main characteristic that sets us apart from our competitors. We are extremely passionate about foreign languages in general, and about translation and interpreting in particular. When we combine our passion with our years of hands-on experience, we leverage these tremendous assets to help our clients overcome linguistic barriers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose SJM Translations for translation of my materials?

Here at SJM Translations, we’re more than just a translation agency. Instead, we’re a group of experienced, passionate, and dedicated linguist specialists. Our team of experts work with our clients to deliver translation services and linguistic solutions that foster a stronger global connection. 

Throughout our time in business, we’ve been delivering high-quality translation and localization solutions for a wide range of industries at affordable rates and industry-leading speed. We not only cover the translation of documents, but also websites, software, travel documents, and localized games, along with industry-specific content.

How can I get my material translated?

To get your materials translated to the language of your choice, submit your materials and approve your quote with SJM Translations today. To receive your quote, contact our linguist specialists for free. 

How do I ensure the accuracy of my translations?

Here at SJM Translations, we are a professional translation and localization agency, which means that our materials for translation will be handled by our linguist specialists who have delivered thousands of translations to our trusted clients over the years. With top-tier services, industry-leading expertise, and dedicated support, you can rest assured knowing that our linguist specialists have advanced knowledge across a wide variety of fields and industries.

Who will translate my materials?

Our expert translators and linguist specialists are not only native to the language they are translating, but are also qualified in a variety of respective language fields. Since all our translations are delivered by professional linguists, premium quality is ensured with every project.

How do I ensure that my documents are secure while translating?

Here at SJM Translations, we consider it a priority to ensure safety and security of all the materials we are translating. We treat the data we receive with strict confidentiality and value customer privacy above all else. To guarantee the safety of your materials, we’ve implemented strict security safeguards to keep your data protected at all times.  

How much will it cost to have my materials translated?

Here at SJM Translations, not only do we deliver high-quality translation services, but we also make these services affordable. Our rates are among the most affordable and competitive in the industry. To receive your free quote, get in touch with us directly through our contact form. 

What file formats does SJM Translations accept for translating?

Here at SJM Translations, we are adept at handling all types of file formats for translation. You can have your documents translated in any format ranging from HTML, PDF, EXCEL, PPT, to multilingual CSV and XML formats, etc.

What is a standard “translation page”?

A standard translation page contains 250 words.

What if I need a translation to/from a rare language?

Here at SJM Translations, we perform translations to and from some rare languages as well as more conventional languages. Please contact our linguist specialists for more information on your translation through our contact form.

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