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Professional Interpreting Services

There are two types of interpreting: consecutive and simultaneous. Our professional interpreting services focus primarily on consecutive interpreting since practice shows that this is the preferred style.


Why We Do It Better

Our professional interpreting services prefer consecutive interpreting. During consecutive interpreting, the interpreter sits with a speaker or speakers. He or she listens to the speech and renders it, in the end, in a different language, generally with the aid of notes.

The success and quality of interpreting largely depend on process organization and skills of the interpreter.

Simply knowing two languages does not qualify a person to interpret. Due to this fact, it takes years to master the terminology of a particular industry. This makes interpreters decidedly industry specific, while many believe an interpreter is a jack-of-all-trades.

This is by far the most important part of the process. Any professional interpreting services and an interpreter need to know what to expect. Therefore, it is in your best interest to provide as much information about the upcoming event as possible. This allows us to find a proper interpreter for the job and allows the interpreter to adequately prepare for the job. If you are unsure about what information may be relevant, provide everything you have at hand and let us be the judge.

As a result, consecutive interpreting is ideal for:


Business negotiations and meetings


Business trips


Trainings and seminars




Equipment installation


Construction sites


Excursions or tours

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